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Nitrous oxide is administered as a gas inhaled through the nose and takes effect quickly.

Minor oral sedation is a pill taken orally to help you feel more relaxed during short, non-complex procedures.

Major oral sedation is a pill taken orally to help you relax or fall asleep during long or complex procedures.



9708 N. Nevada St. Suite 102
Spokane, WA 99218


Incredible Results

Check out what we have done for patients just like you to make a difference in their lives! We are only a phone call away from giving you a better smile.

Very friendly and caring team! I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a top-notch dentist.


Zac G.

I recently had gum grafting done. The grafted tissue has healed and has supplied new, high, thicker gums around my bottom teeth. I had a very high success rate of tissue retention–and I’m very happy with how my gums and teeth look now!


Ara A.

I am so glad I finally got the gum grafting surgery I have needed for years, and even more glad that these folks did it. Everyone at this office is friendly, kind and knowledgeable. They were happy to answer my many questions both before and after the procedure, and the doctor kindly and patiently addressed all my concerns, even after hours. I highly recommend putting yourself in these people’s hands. My surgery was a complete success and saved my teeth!



Quality team; everyone is so nice!


Patrice D.

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